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Underwater Video Analysis

Underwater Freestyle
Underwater Video is  the Fastest Way to Learn

At the Nova Masters we feel technique improvement is the quickest way to get faster and more efficient. We offer many different lessons, classes, clinics, and camps to swimmers of all abilities from novice to world class who need to find that special little detail that could make them faster or more comfortable in the water. Here are swims during a video analysis.

Private Lessons & Personal Camps
A Technique Analysis Session includes above the water and underwater video taping and technique analysis in Freestyle for triathletes, or all four strokes, turns, and even starts for competitive swimmers. Cost $120 for 1-1/2 hours.

Follow-up Technique lessons to improve technique deficiencies found in a Technique Analysis Session are available for $80 (1 hour), or 6 lessons for $400.

Example Video w/out Commentary:

To schedule a Technique Analysis Session or Lesson, email Coach Michael Collins.

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