Swimming 101 Classes – Learn HOW to do it!

At the Nova Masters Swimming Program we want to help athletes develop a LOVE for swimming and do it as a lifetime activity. We feel that people ENJOY doing things they are good at, and don’t love or enjoy doing things they SUCK at. The purpose of our Swimming 101 classes (They’re FREE) is to improve your knowledge, understanding, and skills so you can swim each stroke legally, faster, and with less effort, as well as to compete with confidence in ANY event. Setting personal goals and continuing to improve is a sure way to stay motivated.

While these classes are mostly designed to bring newer swimmers up to speed, they are also a great way for experienced swimmers to get a breakthrough in a particular stroke or skill which may rekindle motivation.

As coaches, we get a lot of satisfaction from seeing our athletes improve and reach personal goals. It gets pretty old to just “run workouts” and see swimmers continuously fall into the same bad habits. That’s why one of our motos is to “Practice with Purpose”. Most athletes will get much more improvement through technique changes than just through training more.

Here are the various Swimming 101 Classes we will offer. You do not need to be a Nova Masters member to attend the first class, but will need to be a member of the program to attend any additional classes. Each class is an hour long and starts with a 30 minute dryland discussion and exercises before getting in the water for the last 30 minutes to work on the new skills.

Swimming 101

Backstroke 101

Breaststroke 101

Butterfly 101

Flip Turns 101

Individual Medley 101

Starts  101

Swim Meets 101

Relays 101

Fly/Breast Turns 101

Strength for Swimmers 101

Triathlete Freestyle 101 (Bring your wetsuit to the class)

To find out the dates they will be offered, get a more complete description of each class, and to RSVP (REQUIRED!!!) go here:

Nova Events RSVP Page

We hope you will make the effort to attend ALL the various Swimming 101 Classes we offer – ESPECIALLY the ones you SUCK at!

Michael Collins  – Head Coach

Michael Collins Nova Masters Head Coach