Visiting the Nova Masters

Organizied Practices are more FUN!

Organizied Practices are more FUN!

The Nova Masters Swimming Program welcomes visitors 18 and up from other US Masters Swimming Clubs as well as International Masters swimmers. Here are some details and guidelines to make your visit most productive and enjoyable.


  1. If you come to one of our practices in Irvine (WAC or NHS) you will likely need to pay the $4 city lap swim fee to access the facility. This does not go to Nova, but directly to the City. There is no charge if you visit one of our other locations (Soka) for a practice or two.
  2.  If you plan to swim more than two practices with us you can purchase a One Week Visitor Pass Option for $20. You can show the receipt at the reception to get in, and to the coach on deck.
  3. (NOTE: The coaches are not allowed to accept money or checks on the deck so please do it online)
  4. If you will be in and out of town on an semi-frequent basis you can purchase a 5 Practice Visitors Pass which you have up to 6 months to use.
  5.  If you will be visiting for a month or longer, the rate is $80 a month, or we will prorate the Quarterly rate for the time you will be here.
  6. We also offer private technique lessons and underwater video analysis sessions if you would like to get some extra coaching while you are here. The cost is $120 for 1-1/2 hour session and you get to take home a copy of your above and underwater swimming (if you bring a 2gb USB Drive to upload it).You can Register for any of these options online at this link:
    Register for private coaching


  1. Review our Practice and Events Calendar to see which practices may work out for you when you are in town
  2. If you have some flexibility in your schedule try to avoid our most crowed practice times. Our most limited space is the evening practices at Northwood HS (NHS) since we often share with a few other groups. The next most crowded is 5:45am. 7am and our mid-day practices usually have the most space.
  3. Send an email to letting us know you will be visiting. (See sample email with important info below)
  4. If you plan to attend mid-day practices at WAC (10am, 11am or 12pm) be sure to ask for a parking pass as well to avoid receiving a ticket for parking in the Aquatics Parking Area (to keep the high school kids from taking all the spots). For swimming at any of our other locations or times a parking pass is not required.
  5. Bring a copy of your USMS card and write in an emergency contact or two with phone numbers on the back so we can contact someone if our practice kills you (oops, I mean if you have an emergency)


Here are some articles posted on our website that you may find useful as a visitor to our program:

Sample email you can copy and modify to send to informing us of your visit.
(give ENOUGH information on your request, ask APPROPRIATE questions not easily answered by visiting our website, and give small insight on your ability and goals – BUT NO LIFE STORIES please.)

Subject: Visit to Nova Masters

My name is “Joe Swimmer” and I will be visiting Orange County from “date range”. I will be there _______ (on business, visiting family, for vacation, for an event, for a convention,etc)
I am a current USMS registered swimmer and I train with the ____________ Masters in city, state under Coach ___________.
I see that you allow visiting swimmers and I would like to train with your group ___________ (at specific dates and practice times if you know them)
(insight on you and your ability) I can swim comfortably “1:30 pace per 100 in a 25 yard pool on a 1:45 interval” and can do all the strokes, although my” breaststroke” is pitiful. I am primarily training for “an Olympic distance triathlon/sprint pool events/open water/to keep from getting a fat ass/to offset all the beer I drink/etc”
Let me know if there is anything special I need to do before my visit.

Thank you,
Your name
your email address
your mobile phone number (too many leave this out and miss getting a swift response)